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1. Customers, partners, staff and the general public are encouraged to give feedback, complaint, information or any suggestion relating to any situation perceived as unethical, unfair, illegal, misconducts, abuses, or any other concerns that they may have on AmanahRaya, especially those that may relate to integrity, risk or compliance matters.

2. To ensure action are taken on your concerns, please include all necessary information if possible, such as the location, time of incident, any related names, file number etc.

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  • If you provide an email address, an automatic reply containing your reference number and a copy of your feedback shall be sent. Your identity shall be kept confidential and only used for the purpose of responding to your feedback.

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    If no identity or contact provided i.e. if you decide to provide information anonymously.

  • Your online identity are anonymous since this website (for the purpose of this feedback form) do not store any of your online data.

  • However, once the feedback is submitted, a unique feedback reference number shall be provided to you at the confirmation page. Please keep this number for your reference. If we require any further information or to respond to your anonymous feedback, we shall display your unique feedback reference number at announcement section of our website for you to contact us.
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